“ The library is open every other scheduled community meeting. Books will be displayed in the room where we fellowship and have refreshments, only before the meeting. All books are pre registered to “JTGS” community. Should you want to borrow a book, please write your name and the date you are borrowing the book in the registers on the table. The expectation is that you return the book by the next time the library is open, giving you a month to complete reading it – however should you need more time please keep me informed as we may have other members lined up to borrow the book.

The library has books pertaining to various topics – faith, grace, family roles etc. We also have testimonies.

Should you have the name of a book that would benefit our community please bring it to my attention and I will do all possible to find it and include it in our collection.

Any feedback on how we can improve our community library is always welcome.

Be blessed with every book you read”