The Youth group comprises of Grade 8 and University boys and girls.  Our goal is to establish a vibrant youth group to grow in fellowship with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ with God as their focus.  The group meets at our Community gathering and after a joint Praise and Worship move to their smaller groupings where they either receive a talk or conduct bible sharing or participation in a joint activity.

The Youth, plan to meet once in 3 months in a household environment to bond and fellowship along with a Parent in-charge.

As parents are prime teachers to their children,  our Community will work with the youth:

  • to provide a healthy and happy environment where they learn basic Christian values and interact with like-minded youngsters.
  • We will help them grow their talents and leadership skills with opportunities to exercise these in a Community setting.
  • Teachings through Community would also help face challenges through Peer group pressures and the choices they make in the world, when exposed to influences contrary to the Gospel values.
  • We encourage our Youth to attend the annual YES Retreats, and any Sword of the Spirit, youth related functions.


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